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Elk LIVE is a one-of-a-kind service for musicians that lets musicians connect online and play music together like they're in the same room. For the first time, musicians don't have to pack up their instruments and go to dimly lit rehearsing rooms to play together, but instead, be spontaneous and connect whenever creativity strikes, wherever they are.

Elk LIVE is a growing community of users and partners. Please get in touch to discuss how you and your company fits into the Elk LIVE community.

The Bridge

The Elk Bridge is an audio/network interface utilizing the full power of Elk Audio OS to create the most integrated way to connect to Elk LIVE and play music together online. It has all the I/O you need and requires nothing more than a standard internet connection.


Elk LIVE  is accessed thru a hands-on intuitive web-based dashboard. With individual monitoring settings, integrated video chat mush more, Elk LIVE creates an immersive live music experience.

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