Licensing options

Open-source or commercial



Looking for a way to start exploring or want to release a product without any real commercial ambitions, the open-source option is for you.

  • Free community support in our forum
  • Support for Raspberry Pi 4 releases
  • Additional support for issues not related to bugs of Elk Audio (charged hourly)
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Every project is different and comes with unique challenges and opportunities. At Elk, we believe in finding the best possible solution for everyone involved. If you're ready to talk commercial licensing please get in touch so we can learn more about you and your potential product.

  • Support in getting started
  • For Raspberry Pi 4 + other architectures
  • Additional support not related to bugs in Elk Audio OS available at hourly rates
  • We also do Proof of Concepts, which is a time- and cost-effective means for convincing any stakeholder about the tangible opportunities brought to you by Elk Audio OS. Reach out below to learn more.
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